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Hey Pikmin Redeem Code

Hey! PIKMIN: The first Pikmin game for Nintendo 3DS finds Captain Olimar embarking on an adventure through lush worlds with his trusted Pikmin by his side. In a new type of Pikmin game, players are tasked with throwing all types of different Pikmin using the touch screen to solve puzzles, overcome challenges and defeat enemies through side-scrolling levels. The Hey! PIKMIN game launches exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems on July 28. A new Pikmin amiibo figure will also launch separately on the same day.


On the surface, Pikmin is one of Nintendo’s most adorable creations. A tiny spaceman called Captain Olimar marshals an army of even tinier plant sprites which swarm and scurry around an environment that looks, to him, like an exotic alien planet, but to us like our back yard. Even its inspiration is bucolic: the idea came to Shigeru Miyamoto’s whimsical imagination as he pottered in his own garden.

This sounds relaxing, but the games are anything but. A wholly original spin on real-time strategy, Pikmin combines resource management and combat with exploration and puzzle-solving in a frantic exercise in multitasking, all against the clock. It’s hard and stressful, and even its cuteness is turned against you. The reedy wails emitted by your Pikmin expiring in some ill thought-out ruckus with a Bulborb will prick your guilt and haunt your dreams.

So it’s not surprising that Nintendo might want to put these winsome little creatures to work in something a little more easygoing. Enter Hey! Pikmin, a humble 3DS puzzle-platformer for all ages. It swaps a bird’s-eye view of an open map for a close, side-scrolling camera, and hundreds of Pikmin for a handful. You don’t grow them, only collect them, and they stay with Olimar rather than being dispatched to the four corners of the map – though you can use a stylus tap to fling them to the edges of the screen, or even up into the top screen, to battle or fetch.

Fans haven’t been too impressed with this new direction, and there was some justified concern about the developer Arzest, which made the unloved Yoshi’s New Island. Hey! Pikmin certainly doesn’t give off the feel of a premium Nintendo production. There’s a rough, bitmappy quality to the backdrops; they look old-fashioned and plain. There’s a lack of density in the design, too. This is a game which doesn’t try too hard to divert or surprise you, that doesn’t offer a surfeit of detail or have any ideas to spare. It is always, and only, just enough.

The controls couldn’t be simpler: you use the circle pad to guide Olimar left and right, and the stylus to throw Pikmin with pleasingly snappy accuracy. You can also tap on buttons to summon Pikmin with a whistle, or to use Olimar’s jetpack, which can carry him across gaps. The Pikmin can’t follow you across these gaps, and if thrown across they’ll try to return before you can get to them; but they can be thrown much higher than the very modest altitude the jetpack can reach. This sets up a neat tension between using Olimar and Pikmin to explore the space around you and fetch the everyday items – cans of tuna, bits of costume jewellery, cassette tapes – that Olimar believes to be priceless treasures which will yield the ‘Sparklium’ his crashed ship needs to return home.

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